Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let Them Know You Love Them!

Hey Everyone!
This Is my first post, I probably wont be posting often, but every once in awhile I will. Lets start it out right!

I recently had a strong experience that has encouraged me to love my family and friends, and to always Let Them Know I Love Them! I had a dream last night, during which I was not able to distinguish as a dream or as reality until I had woken up. People I love dearly were lost in this dream and I found myself, in my dream, feeling soooo bad for some of the things I had done or not done with them. I woke up soo scared and feeling horrible.

My freshman year in Provo my best friend Jason passed away. I still miss him tons everyday. Jason's passing taught me so much about life and the greater purpose here. I think over the last 3 years that lesson had begun to fade a little bit, this dream and the night I had last night was definitely a strong reminder of those important life lessons.

Be kind to Everyone! The smallest thing in life can mean the world to someone else. Always be there for those you love and let them know you care. Seek out opportunities to serve those around you, a lot of the time we are God's instrument in answering other peoples prayers. Don’t let opportunities pass by where there is potential to build up one another and support each other. I find myself feeling so bad and guilty for some of the things I have done or said to those I love over the years. Don't let trivial matters come between you and your loved ones, and hold your tongue, The simplest harsh word can hurt others soo bad.

Love Everyone!

Please let those you love, Know That You Love Them! You never know when it will be your last opportunity to do so. I love all of you!