Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010-Up, Down, and everything in between

2010 the worst but the best and most amazing year of my life

The last 6 months of my life have been crazy and life changing! I have faced success and failure, I’ve been the happiest I have ever been and also the saddest and most discouraged as well, I have felt surrounded by friends but then also more lonely than ever before, I have felt my self-esteem booming and then it also down in the dumps, I have been a serious heartbreaker but then also seriously heartbroken, I have made some amazing new friends but lost some as well, I’ve felt popular but then also alone, I have felt so alone at times but have also felt my Heavenly Fathers love and guidance in my life more than I ever have before. I have gone up & down and then everything in between.

Lots of smiling and laughter, lots of tears, lots of excitement, lots of discouragement, love growing and love retreating, Carefree and flying, Stress and nothing, Light surrounding, No Light at all, Silence…

Going for it all, but also Fears of the future. Warm embraces, Success, Failure, Patience, Understanding, Learning, Teaching, Giving, Helping, Wishing, Dreaming, Acknowledgement, Appreciation, Discouragement, Comforted, Guidance, Compliments, Love, Loved ... Up & Down, and everything in between.

This was the rollercoaster I was riding in 2010. Through all of this I learned so much, but one thing really stands out to me right now. There is a purpose in everything. Everything is part of a greater plan, I have no doubt that the things we do and the people we meet each and every day have been placed in our lives for guidance, love and direction. The people we meet, the obstacles we hurdle, and the trials we face have all been placed in our lives for some greater reason. Although life is hard sometimes always be aware and looking for the purpose and reason behind it, Always keep an open heart and be ready to learn. To progress is to learn, if we are learning nothing, we are regressing. So be Christ like in all that you do, help, love, and serve those around you. Try your hardest to listen to and understand one another. Look for the beauty in Everyone, and Love them for that. But all the while, Live life for yourself, wake up every morning on top of the world and go to bed the same. Don’t let small things hold you back and don’t be afraid of what might happen, be excited for what could happen! What will happen! Go out on a limb and jump, if you don’t you’ll be stuck sitting in that same tree forever. Enjoy life and don’t hide behind your own thoughts and worries, as my little brother Andrew would say “Dash It All!”

Go for it all and live! Be happy! Help those around you do the same! And be aware of the grander plan in everything.

Happy New Year Everyone,

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